As we step into 2015, let us revisit and re-assess our goals in 2014 in order to redefine and reinvent new ideas to do better this year. At Adonis Heights we continue to work behind the scene in our brain lab, to innovate and bridge the ideas in both Secondlife and the real world for our LGBT communities.

Throughout the years, since inception in 2013, our theme “We SEE Potential” made us focus on studying all potential avenues through learning, experimenting new ideas, building a strong foundation to strive further, and our remarkable achievement as The Best ‘Residential’ Setting Sim Design 2014 by Gay Archipelago, is just a new beginning.

The theme for 2015 is “We EMBRACE Potential” — A concept where we will enthusiastically support creativity and innovation towards uplifting the credibility of the LGBT community to a new heights.

Our objective will be strengthened further “to become the SL LGBT idea power house, aimed at inspiring others through our consistency and passion in what we do”. We are proud to announce our project and investment, made to build our very own expandable web based platform as our main point of communication with the community, has been completed. It excites us on the huge potential that we can venture forward and be creative for the community this year in our next phase of development.

Adonis Heights Radio has ventured into online streaming via TuneIn radio enabling us to reach the community beyond Secondlife.

In 2015 we are looking into developing several areas with a focus of investing in people. We are in search of new passionate members to be a part of the current team to support the following:

  1. Marketing & Promotions Manager (Adonis Heights Group)
  2. Event Relationship Manager (in Secondlife)
  3. Dean of Adonis Heights Boys Academy (in Secondlife)

Send in your interest through our Contact Us form.

We wish you a wonderful & prosperous Happy New Year!