This month mark Adonis Heights Group, 3 Year anniversary on Secondlife. We have been working hard to build an enclave for LGBT, providing an avenue for the community to add value to one another. With the concept of all-under-one-roof, we aimed to explore opportunities and serve our community through positive and well defined environment. Focusing on platform for growth and self-development, Adonis Heights treat Secondlife from a different perspective.

Throughout the 3 years in-world, we have listened to numerous feedback and ideas from every individual on what can be done better and what is their expectations. We are indeed motivated when our residents openly shared with us their pleasant experience on how precise and seamless the township development at Adonis Heights sim. That feedback fired up our level of enthusiasm to explore beyond the boundaries, beyond the accolades, for the benefit of LGBT communities in Secondlife.

Personally, I have set 3 years as my deadline to whether continue to pursue the dream or to wind-down. I have seen many LGBT sims come and go. Several trying to survive and there are some looking towards world domination. It was part and parcel in Secondlife LGBT scene.

Adonis Heights journey is not as smooth as many would have assumed. Throughout the 3 years we have overcome many obstacles in managing people’s perception and expectations in the world that is very competitive. Adonis Heights, as a young champion, always been seen as immature in the league. However, we are proud to have a great small team who have dedicated their time, energy, financial support and more importantly their positive and optimistic attitude towards making things happen.

Being in the chair to lead this small team is not as easy as it may seems. Setting up the right attitude and getting everyone to remain focus on the group objective has proven to be a challenging task indeed, especially when it comes to crisis management. At personal level, I have been even labeled as the male version of “Miranda Priestley” by close friends. It is just because of the flame that I carry to see the objective is met and LGBT community (more precisely, the gay community) to be respected due to the high and vibrant qualities they showed to the world and their ability to add value to one another. It is a different game we are playing. Adonis Heights doesn’t look at other groups or sims as competitors, however we always look at on how we can learn from them and improve ourselves so others can learn from us. It is a symbiotic connection that will make competition irrelevant as we want to complement one another, which will cultivate positive room for growth and improvement.

Secondlife (“SL”) act as a canvas for Adonis Heights to become the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci. To paint the “Mona Lisa” for the community to enjoy and to be inspired. We are passionate about growing the community by bringing in non-SL LGBT users into SL to expand the current users that will benefit others. Why focus on dominating almost  less than hundred thousands of LGBT users within SL when there are potentially millions outside that we can tap on? This are one of many questions that have knocked my brain which has become Adonis Heights aspiration throughout these years.

Nevertheless, we are looking for a fruitful year and hope our dream for expansion will be materialized soon. Series of discussions has been carried out to ensure we are well prepared and the need to tighten up any loose ends. We want to make sure that we would be able to continue to serve our communities years to come with less hiccups as possible.

Congratulations as well to Adonis Heights Radio, our homegrown radio station, lead by Rocky Constantine; for turning 2 this year. We hope to see more excitement coming.

Meanwhile, a million thank you to our residents for making [email protected] experiencing a great start this year by hitting 95% occupancy and generate 80% of total revenue for Adonis Heights. Their monthly/weekly contributions have greatly help us to manage the tier cost and giving us an indication to work harder and to sustain the sim, as a place for them to call home.

Please do watch this video. It is a great documentary on how Secondlife is able to make one life interesting.

Yours sincerely,

Daemyn Parx.