Adonis Heights Group
Community Agreement and Guidelines
The Group purpose is to promote learning, social experience and fun for all.
The role play here isn’t strict and the rules are few. The few rules we have are for the benefit of the community.
By entering the Adonis Heights sim, you agree to abide by the Community Agreement & Guidelines.

These will help you to have a more enjoyable experience.
This agreement covers across all Adonis Heights entities, Partners & subsidiaries:

1. Adonis Heights Group
2. Adonis Heights Boys Academy
3. Adonis Heights Concept Store
4. Adonis Heights Radio
5. [email protected]
6. The Lounge
7. Rockridge Heights

The sim is under Moderate maturity rating.

Adult activity on Moderate land must be conducted “behind closed doors,” meaning that you must make every reasonable effort to ensure any adult activity shall be restricted within the residential parcels and not in the public area, enclosed behind walls or other visual barriers as per required by Linden Labs TOS.

1. Child avatars are absolutely forbidden to be involved or taking part in adult and/or sexual roleplay.

2. You are at least 18 years old as per your information registered with Linden Labs.

3. You are advisable to wear Adonis Heights tag OR Rockridge Heights at all times when in the respective vicinity.

4. As dormitory rooms become available, you can rent one by speaking with the representative  for details or simply send your request through our website at the following URL:

5. A separate Residential Agreement covers the residentials.

6. The Administrator reserves the right to exclude anyone, without prior notice, who in the sole judgment of the staff, threatens the life of the community.

7. Respect others. Adonis Heights is LGBT friendly sim. Any discrimination will not be tolerated.

1. DO join in the role play – attend classes, enjoy the fabulous facilities here. Your main task is to have a great time and help others do the same.

2. DO help out other students/residents. This is a big place; help them get comfortable here and have a great time.

3. DO stick to local chat whenever you can. Voice is enabled here, but some members of the community won’t speak in voice, or can’t hear in voice, or both.

4. DO contribute to the financial health of the place by donating to the Group using one of the kiosks around the sim.

5. DO help make the sim a place that works for everyone. Avoid heavily scripted attachments and objects. Turn off animated furniture when you are finished with it. (That includes beds, sofas, and other devices for sitting or reclining or “sports and recreation”.) Check that your lighted objects aren’t disturbing your neighbors.

6. DO bring concern and problems to any of our administrators. That is the fastest way to get them resolved. Airing grievances in group chat is almost and always unproductive.

7. DO be courteous and respect other properties. Rented residential, apartments or dorms are belongs to the respective tenant. Trespassing is a serious offence as in breach of privacy. Contact our staffs for assistance.

8. DO have fun and visit our latest updates on the following social channel:


9. DO listen to our radio: //

Thank you and have fun!

DISCLAIMER: The official Second Life terms & conditions shall prevail in the event of conflict