November 2012, where it all begins. To those who have walked with us from the darkest time of our Second Life, today we find nothing is impossible when we set the right attitude, positive mindset and perseverance. Adonis Heights is the symbol of survival and strength to most of us.

The Rise Apartment, the name we choose for the rebuilding of the first residential towers which to some has sentimental values and wished that this historical build to be maintained and stand tall to remind us the hardship and determination towards success.

“I am almost in tears when some of the residents approached me and wished that the tower to stay and not to be demolished fully as Adonis Heights would like to continue to grow and looking for ways to optimize its resources, no doubt the towers consume a lot of our resources in terms of maintenance and land impact overall, but the Adonis Heights management team decided to rebuild the tower and improvise its features as to remind us the first step we took in molding a new peaceful community, well now it become the historical landmark for Adonis Heights”, explained Daemyn Parx.

The Rise Apartment, made possible by a well known mesh architect, Tyler Scarborough of  Dynamic Evolution is the first residential unit in Adonis Heights launched in January 2013.