OCT 2nd, Adonis Heights : The long awaited and most anticipated new apartment at Adonis Heights has been announced to start the 3 days booking process for the residents and public. With the sim concept of Eco-modern with the presence of Minimalist design inspired by several well known creators and builders in Second Life, Daemyn Parx define as tribute to the creativity of the people.
“It’s very enlightening to know that more and more creative and new products or builds has started to enter the Second Life market despite the slowdown we have faced in the previous years. As Adonis Heights is hunger for new creative ideas, we will always continue to improvise and revise our standards to meet and exceed the benchmark. We are positive through The Frasera, it will give us inspiration to plan something new in the near future”.
Asking about the latest development of Adonis Heights Boys Academy, Daemyn describe it as growing slowly but sure. “We have just re-organize our group structure and identify certain subjects that can be potentially developed. We have built an online registration system to identify interested students and soon introduce several innovative and creative approach to enhance the academy RP experience yet educational”.
The Frasera has limited units available and rental starts from L$500 / week. The booking is based on first come first serve basis and priorities given to the current active resident.

To view photos of the residence [CLICK HERE]