Adonis Heights always looking forward to fulfill our residents’ need for quality housing and yes we love to spoil them with options to choose from. Our latest addition to the property is The Aspen Residence. An exclusive guest house concept surrounded with hedges as a hint of privacy. This residence comes with a garage for you to keep that expensive ride under shade, away from the heat of the sun and rain. Surrounded by collection of Aspen trees; from where it gets its name, this new entree’ adds to the living-in-the-garden feel.

Due to its exclusivity, the unit has been booked immediately on the day it has been placed, even before we announce it to the public nor publish it on our website. We will continue to introduce new home from quality builders just for you.

Don’t forget, if you are into lakeview cabin, visit our brotherly region, the Rockridge Heights.

“Welcome home to Adonis Heights”.