Need a home-01

Picking out a new house can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Lots of questions may comes into your mind and this may affect your game experience.

At Adonis Heights Group, we would want to take those inconvenience away from you. Because of that, we are dedicated on building a well defined sim with selected properties from well known builders so you don’t have to spend more on buying a house that may not fit the parcel, or take up the amount of prims allocated. On both Adonis Heights & Rockridge Heights, the prims allocated is solely for you to use to decorate your dream home in the properties you have chosen.

Here’s a simple guide to get started.

Step 1  :  Visit our Property Gallery in world at Adonis Heights Welcome Center 

Step 2  :  Browse for the units available tagged as “Pick Me! I am available” which usually green in color

Step 3  :  Click on the TELEPORT to visit the available unit

Step 4  :  Pay the rental meter to start renting (normally located near the entrance of every properties)

Step 5  :  Start decorating!

Should you require a birds-eye view on all properties offered on both Adonis Heights & Rockridge Heights, visit the property page made available on our website.

Allow us to welcome you home.