As we are enjoying our weekends, we have been awakened to hear the news about a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal, killed almost 2,000 lives. This at the same time triggered a deadly avalanche on the highest mountain on earth, the Everest. This is the worst earthquake ever to hit Nepal in over 80 years that triggered the avalanche resulting the mountain’s base camp which was full with mountaineers who had come for the start of the mountain climbing season, ends up being buried alive.

An army spokesperson told Reuters that at least 18 bodies had been found on Mount Everest. Google executive Dan Fredinburg was among those killed in the avalanche, CNN reports.

This powerful earthquake also can be experienced by the neighboring countries, killing about 34 in Northern India, 6 in Tibet, and rocked the bordering countries Bangladesh and Nepal-China border. Strong aftershocks continued throughout the afternoon and it has almost hit the entire country. Nepal’s communication system  has been paralyzed and this has made the rescue attempt more challenging.

People in Nepal need your help! Looking for the right avenue to do so? Show your support via various channels for Nepal Earthquake relief below:

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