It’s certainly no secret that plants in your home or workspace environment can have an effect on your overall sense of peace and happiness. This is true in both your first and second life.

Are you are looking for an orchid to brighten up a space in your home or office? Perhaps you want to give a beautiful rose plant to someone special. Then look no further than the PlantPets Store at Rockridge Heights where you will find many beautiful plant varieties to choose from.

Rocky Constantine says “PlantPets are probably the easiest breedable you can have in Second Life. Just rez the seed, keep the water level near 100%, and you can have a baby plant seed every 52 days. You can even set plant friends to help you water them when you are away from SL Very low maintenance and there are no complicated fertilizers to buy. “

So stop by Rockridge Heights and get yourself a little happiness today. The PlantPet store is conveniently located on the corner of the sim. When taking the train to Rockridge Heights be sure to exit the train station at the East Terminal. Or click the button below to visit directly.

PlantPet Store and Crazy Garden @ Rockridge Heights

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