Still searching for the right place to unwind with your love ones? Or just a place to relax with serene and well defined environment? How do you define your dream home in Secondlife?

Throughout the years in Secondlife since inception, the users always looking around for that one perfect spot to live, from renting a small room, to parcels, and ultimately owning a sim. However, owning a sim requires a huge amount of investment, whether the initial set-up fee, until to the very most challenging part, the monthly tier. This does not include the time spent to build, maintain and consistently promoting the sim to entice and inviting SLians to drop in and rent. The cycle continues.

At Adonis Heights and our close brother sim, the Rockridge Heights (formally known as St Niguel), our renters (of which we prefer to call them residents) is our shareholders. In other words, they are the co-owners of the sim. As a non-profit residential sim specially made for LGBT community, Adonis Heights & Rockridge Heights aimed to provide a dynamic and comfortable lifestyle residential scene in Secondlife, specially made for those people who seeks simplicity at its best.

Why spend too much time to look for the right sized home to fit the parcel you rented when you can spend the time to decorate and have fun with your friends & family? All you need to do is to pick the residential unit that you prefer based on type, size and affordability, or speak to our representative to tailor made a plan that will suits your needs. Let us do the hard work for you.

Visit our Property Gallery to check on the wide selections of home available that will suit your lifestyle.

Adonis Heights Property Gallery in-world

Allow us to welcome you home.