17 June 2018, as I was busy figuring out what happened to Smartbots while at the same time building the new residential tower at Adonis Heights sim (ahem, region), suddenly there’s a tap on my shoulder.. yikes! who would be here at this hour! Surprise surprise, the avatar who loved to break into people home in SL is here! Could it be the real Patch Linden? Yeah, blue name title, he is!

I have read about him through many blogs, social media posting et cetera, girls screaming about how cute he is, ahem.. seeing him in front of me yeah I kind of agree his avatar is a cutie. Okay, let’s get to business people.. professional! it is the god of SL came down from Olympus to visit LOL. Anyway, it is one of my trusted accomplice who planned for this so-called prank on me. I have met several Linden’s staff in the past due to region issues need to be fixed, including rolling back the sim to the previous state. But this time the visit is more of a social friendly visit.

We exchanged several opinions, ideas, crazy chat and it is an honour to have him on this humble region putting aside from his busy schedule, meet and greet for Pride that’s going on this week, just to say hi. I was impressed with his experience over 11 years working with Linden Labs as well overseeing both SL and Project Sansar, allows me to get some brief idea on where are we heading to.

I am glad when Patch told me that Adonis Heights is among the well-built region, clean and structured on SL. I shared with him that this will not be possible without the inputs, feedback and ideas from the residents. We have learned a lot in the past, experimenting and at the same time to remain unique yet inclusive.

The meet ended up from 3 people photo we-fie.. ended up with 6 people LOL. We have the owner of Big Momma Lounge, blogger of Lemony Licks and well-talented photographer, as well admin of Twin Rivers dropped by joining us together.

Well, next step will be my plan to visit Linden Labs office since Patch offered to give me a tour, as well to connect with friends nearby there. Thank you, Patch, for visiting Adonis Heights and allowing me to rest a bit from “working” in Secondlife. Love the idea, we are here is to have fun. Thank you Patch for giving the opportunity for some of us to grow, for me to have a different perspective and more importantly, the hospitality by getting involved in the residents SL experience.

To the rest, the new residential tower is now 60% complete. Perhaps we shall plan a party to open this new build. Coming soon! Happy Pride!