SATURDAY, Nov 1st, 2014 — Adonis Heights Group (“Group”) will open the doors to its new Welcome Center, a space that aims to connect visitors to the community and the organization and assist them to explore the opportunity offered at Adonis Heights & Rockridge Heights as well as a platform to connect the community to the Group business partners and affiliates.

The Welcome Center will be the point of reference for the visitors to check on available residential units, selective stores to give a kick-start to the beginners avatar and a place to hangout and make new connection. The center will also be the new office for the Adonis Heights, Group CEO and AH Radio CEO for them to be able to meet new people and connect with them with an open arm.

“Adonis Heights & Rockridge Heights aimed to provide exceptional standards and inspire the community to always take that next step towards improving the way we do things. More importantly, to look at challenges in Secondlife in different perspective and challenge one creativity to keep on moving forward”, said Daemyn Parx, Group Chief Executive. “We have faced many challenges in the past, and no doubt, everyone else too. So the verdict now is to focus our energy on how to make things better”.

The Welcome Center, located at Boys Avenue, opposite of the Central Station in Adonis Heights is now open to public.