Hello everybody,

It has been awhile since I have done anything at Adonis Heights. Yup we are still around, serving our patrons, welcoming new residents home as well maintaining the sim by sweeping the roads, pruning the bushes and plants some trees… oh not to forget, we make sure we bring in the freshest coffee beans for our alfresco cafeteria at the Adonis Heights Shopping Plaza.

Well my finger feels a bit itchy as of late, wanted to build something… anything.. aside from.. wiping the sim clean (my admins going to spanks me for this!). So I decided to polish my building skills again and yes, inspired by the vertical forest residential tower in Milan, Italy, I have been drafting something on a piece of paper and here we are, the building starts again. I am excited and looking forward to present you the completed luxurious 6 levels, double-storey style condo, surrounded by greens, a park in the sky.

I am hoping that this project will be ready by mid-April 2018.

Ok, back to building!

Yours truly,
Daemyn Parx
Chief Sim Builder/Architect