MAY 7th, 2013: [email protected], the distinctive eco-modern sim property development by Adonis Heights Group has started the construction of a new tower that will soon be a new landmark in the region. The 80 meter high tower will be the new home for the group administration office with the estimated cost of L$8,000 will set another milestone in the group progressive development. Asked whether this new construction will affect the residence, Dae Parx, the Group Chief Executive mentioned the strategic planning during the early inception has taken into account the future expansion. No other property will be affected during this construction and the residents will have the opportunity to witness themselves the progress of this new landmark from the leisure of their home comfortably.

The tower design is more minimalist, concentrating on compact and functional architecture will attract more future ventures and expected to set a new trendsetter in sim property development in the grid. The tower is expected to be completed by end of May this year.

Adonis Heights Group have been seen to engage a talk with Club RA’s owner as their consistent initiative to build a larger positive network. The Club will be re-launched today at 12 PM SLT at their new location in Temple of RA, Hidden Paradise. This new network will further strengthen Adonis Heights Group position within the community as a universal community hub. -The SL WRITERS-