AH Spring_019

At last, after 3 months covered in snow, Adonis Heights slowly changed its landscape, celebrating the first day of spring. Well not actually that slow, it’s just a flick of a switch. We really mean it! That’s the beauty of SL and the power which lies at the tip of your finger.

The town is currently fully occupied and the search for suitable land still in pursuit, to materialized the idea to expand Adonis Heights further. We have about more than 7 potential patrons in our waiting list, and we are obligated to welcome them home pretty much soon! Below are some photos for you to enjoy. Adonis Heights in Spring time!

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To celebrate the final party in winter, the hotness of DJ Adz and his patrons melts the ice in Adonis Heights, seeding the town with new life. This Friday weekly gig adds provide entertainment escape for Adonisians and their friends to chill and enjoy the music spins by our international DJ, LIVE from UK. This gig will continue every Friday, 6PM PST, only at Adonis Heights.

Enjoy the gig photos, courtesy of Kent Danitz and Theron Mexicola.

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