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Adonis Heights is largely funded by owner contributions and rental fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. Help our community grow by making a financial contribution.

Updates & Happenings

The Boys Academy Dorm opens for future students.

UPDATE: 20 JUNE 2017 --------------------------------- The Adonis Heights Boys Academy is preparing for a comeback. As a start, the new dorm is open and ready for the future students while we are working on the rest of the infrastructure. 8 dorms have been built in...

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Madonna the Virtual History Tour 2017 Kick Off!

Madonna the Virtual History Tour is back for another amazing season!  Adonis Heights kickoff the LOVE and REBELLION TOUR on Saturday, June 3, 2017, at 1 pm SLT.  All tips collected during the show will be donated to American Friends of Rainbow Railroad, Inc.  It is an...

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We Embrace & Cherish Diversity

I have been approached by several parties in-world to share my views on the current US President, Donald Trump executive order that is related to immigration restrictions especially from the seven countries that are predominately Muslim. I have listened to a few of...

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About Us

Adonis Heights Group founded on 1 March 2012, is a virtual community group in Second Life.

The group consists of 2 flagship brands to connect and add value to our group’s objectives in the Social, Education & Entertainment sectors, as your preferred global LGBTQ Second Life community:

AH Network

Our Vision

To be a Preferred Global Social, Education, and Entertainment provider for the Second Life community through value creation and positive connections with the society.

Our Belief

Appreciating and embracing the diversity of our Second Life community; we draw on our knowledge, and insights to serve and connect with one another.

Our Mantra

We SEE Potential™

Adonis Heights is largely funded by owner contributions and rental fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. Help our community grow by making a financial contribution through PayPal…

Our Principles


To Our Society

We are passionate to share great opportunities to unleash individual potential and creativity to create value in the society through laughter, positive mindset & respect.


To Our Land

We are dedicated to build a comfortable & engaging enclave for our community through well planned infrastructure that promotes engaging social interactions, conducive atmosphere for knowledge exchange and fun place to be.


To Our Partners & Networks

We welcome any possibilities to build positive and value-added connections with other groups or individuals, embracing the diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves.

Live With Us, Always

Imagine a home not only defined by sophisticated style and luxurious finishes, but also vibrant and astonishingly stunning. Always warm and inviting, we offer a comfortable and elevated lifestyle. Adonis Heights offers mixed development units for rental, including Villa concept residence & bungalows, eco-modern apartments, low density residential properties and dormitories for our academy students set in a span of 65,536 m² of lushly landscaped greenery with breathtaking views. We aimed to be recognized as a top brand by industry benchmarks and become the champion for sustainable practices. Adonis Heights is the GA Vistas & Blossoms 2014 Award Winner for Best Residential Setting Design, in recognition of its sustainable and well-designed residential township in the grid.

Your Brand Matters

The Adonis Heights Network is a shared experience initiative designed to connect virtual experience architects, content creators, businesses, brands, venues, artists, and performers; to form a network of like-minded creatives working towards a similar goal: Improving Second Life and providing high-quality virtual goods and experiences for the LGBTQ community.

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