Life at Adonis

Living in Adonis Heights is more than just having a place to drop your prims, or rent a parcel to fulfill your Second Life needs, what ever it may be. Investing time and effort to build a positive and engaging environment which may inspired others to tap into their creativity and potential is key towards improving the LGBT lifestyle in Second Life.

Here, it’s just a different experience, where modern architecture blend together with nature to create a seamless, stunning landscape and backdrop of picturesque sunrises and sunsets. A different experience altogether, offers the comfortable setting for a place to call home you have been dreaming of, away from the maddening crowd in an exclusive well designed sim and a positive community unlike any other.

A peaceful sanctuary, Adonis Heights touches every hearts, nurturing love to its residents and guests, becoming an aspiration to other as it is being inspired by the community around it. A seamless symbiosis and connection, joining the dots from one individual to another.

Welcome home to Adonis Heights.

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