Friends of Adonis Heights,
Time flies by, and today Adonis Heights is 5 months old and continue looking for more things that we can do to promote creativity in Second Life. To be honest, my finger is itchy to start building again, until my great team doing their best pulling my hands away from that reboot button to the extend they would say “Dae, don’t you dare!”. It was funny to see their reaction when the moment they heard me say “Hurmm I am bored, I want to build the sim again”, the whole board room suddenly full with voices!
Adonis Heights continue to meet several great people in SL, having casual discussion and informal chat about what can we contribute and acknowledge the creative people in this virtual world. The fashion designers, the sim builders, furniture, home and prefab creators, entertainers and club owners, all of them work hard day and night despite the economic challenges we face today in Second Life. Things may get even tougher as Linden Labs announced that no outside currency trading allowed. What does that means? It means, L$ transaction Buy and Sell only can be done through Second Life L$ exchange and no longer allowed through 3rd party channel. Although this may not affect Adonis Heights directly, since we have been legitimately utilize the main channel as our daily transactions, however it may affect the community and will more or less affect some businesses. How critical the situation is? yet to be unfold.
Adonis Heights plan to organize an event to commemorate what we call as the creative industry in Second Life. As we continue to search for Adonis Heights Radio : Voice of Adonis, not only as the talent voice for our ads, those who want to have their music covers to be played on our radio, please do approach us and The Red Dot Arena of Stars is looking for new talents and new stars. Who knows soon we will introduce SL Virtual Reality show?.
Adonis Heights, at its level best finding ways to bring people across the grid together and interact harmoniously as ONE community through respect and moderation, without hate and discrimination, and putting aside the different tags on top of our avatar heads.
Lots of new opportunities and potential can be tapped, and that is what Adonis Heights is all about, “We SEE Potential!” Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to meet everyone in our weekly event, DJ Rocky @ Adonis, Saturday, 6PM SLT.
Best regards,
Daemyn Parx