Friends of Adonis Heights,

The idea of community is not a new concept in our daily life.What’s becoming a trend now is when the world is adapting to a new form of community that is connected and networked on a single platform instead of the conventional way whereby a community is defined by as a group from a single geographical location.

In the world today, with the booming of known as social networking, it is no longer something exclusive but rather I can say to some extend a necessity. People connects, business use it as a tool, looking for lovers, and even professional job posting. It is the most addictive and viral tool that comes with a great power and responsibility of course.

At Adonis Heights, as part of its Blue Ocean strategy, we always wanted to do things differently. I won’t say it never be done by anyone, only this might not be the most popular approach as it requires consistency and effort to make the clock works.

What is the art behind Adonis Heights approach or is there any secret behind it? Well if it is a secret, for sure I will not share with anyone, however in my humble opinion, good knowledge will not expand if it is kept to the bearer. A great educator in this case, is those who openly share the secrets and create a new one as he sees his surrounding starts to improve. The cycle continues and that is how the community evolve from one state to another.

The Adonis Heights Committee aware of this vision and they constantly looking for area of improvement in their portfolio. Seeking what else we want to add value to the community that will create ripples in Second Life as a whole. Our members chooses the path of peace and seeking for harmony through moderation slowly help the group to groom new positive leaders that will helm the group objective, seeking potential to be developed and contribute back to the community that is not defined by the tag we are wearing, or differences in belief and ideals, nurturing respect and treating each other the way we want to be treated.

That is the art we are painting on Adonis Heights canvas.

In conjunction to this, we have pre-open the new additions of Adonis Heights community service, the Adonis Heights Gallery. We are hoping this will invite original artist out there to display their art for public viewing. It is open to all art lovers to share their masterpiece and creativity.

We would like to invite everyone to see our first set of exhibit, the [email protected], opening today. We are looking forward to display more original art from creative artist out there from photography to painting, modern art or vector drawings. The gallery is located [HERE]

We hope this latest additions will contribute towards building a serene and peaceful community.
Have a wonderful week.

Best Regards,
Daemyn Parx