Friends of Adonis Heights,

I would like to convey a heartfelt thank you to the team who have made the STAND4LOVE event a successful one. Rocky, David, Devon, Ducky, RALPHIE, Gary, and the rest of the community who attended the event, thank you so much. To Rico, on behalf of the Adonis Heights committee, we are truly thankful for acknowledging us as one of the Sponsor for STAND4LOVE 2013. 

Allow me to share with everyone the story behind this event. At first, the event was planned for a small gathering as our community usual Saturday event. Only what makes it different is the way how Adonis Heights team carried their work as we always try to give our level best in everything we do. It starts with the usual marketing hype for the event. This has indeed attracted the STAND4LOVE committee members who have decided to acknowledged our humble support as a great contribution to the cause.

Indeed on personal level, I am very motivated and positively driven by the spirit of the team to steer Adonis Heights consistently towards its main goal; to be a Preferred Global Social, Education and Entertainment provider for the Second Life community by creating value through positive connections with the society.

At Adonis Heights, we are willing to support talented and motivated individuals or group that are towards nurturing a strong community through moderation and value creation approach. Through this ideals, we are able to create a peaceful and creative synergies. That is our commitment.

Soon, Adonis Height Boys Academy will see the birth of a group who will help to add the excitement to the community. It is not something new for those who has followed the development and inception of Adonis Heights. Only this time, the objective and methods on how the group would carry their activities is refined and more organized to suit Adonis Heights vision and objective.

To know a little bit more about Adonis Heights, we will be interviewed and Adonis Heights has been chosen to be the venue to kick off The Carter & Dar Show, Second Season. We are delighted to give our full support to this programme.

Team and friends relaxing after the whole day event

Adonis Heights Gallery will be launched soon as a venue for original art artist to display their work and passion to the community.

There are so many activities happening behind the scene that keep our team busy. We would like to invite you to join the community as members or residents of Adonis Heights.

Until then, have a wonderful week ahead.

Best Regards,
Daemyn Parx