Friends of Adonis Heights,
First of all, thank you for the support and encouragement given throughout the progress and development of our group The Adonis Heights.
I am sure, many of you still in the blue or wondering what is actually Adonis Heights? Are they another club or role-playing community in Second Life? or some shared with me their perception; another version of the brother group I used to manage before.
Adonis Heights Group is a whole new organization managed by several engaging and progressive personnel who dedicate their time and ideas towards community growth, especially for LGBT community in Second Life. 
Throughout the years I have been in Second Life (since 2007), I have seen sims come and go, group launched and closed, business rise and fall and the list goes on and on. This has lead me towards a question, what is the purpose of Second Life? The soul searching continue until I have been tested with the toughest decision making I have encountered in November 2012. That experience has open up my eyes that Second Life is more than just a role-playing sim, it has the potential to become the beacon of hope for value creation.
Personally, I always believe, each every individuals have the purpose or reason why they choose to create an account in Second Life. Either for social life, education, entertainment or to some, a space for virtual sex *coughs*. Whatever the reasons is, it always revolved around the the 2 qualities which are Creativity and Imagination.
As I continuously observe these 2 qualities hand-in-hand, I asked myself, why not we make something that can add value to a group of people that will engage their creativity and imagination ahead, instead of just thinking about the “pose balls”? Something that can be a new wave that will bring the community to a greater heights. This is when the idea to establish Adonis Heights comes into the picture.
I always have a dream about building an enclave that will be a place for people to gather and socialize harmoniously. It is a wonderful experience when I am able to meet with people from almost 30 countries gathering at Adonis Heights with different languages, different time-zones and different point of views. 
Adonis Heights is more than just a sim, it is a sanctuary for those who seeks peaceful place to hangout and share their passion to the world. I was surprised, when we have talented people who can sing live on voice, having an engaging conversation with each other and make full use of the technology to communicate openly without fear.
“Life is a Journey” post will be my personal sharing with everyone about the current issues and topics that will be focusing on community matters as well some insights on Adonis Heights development.
I wish everyone great health and wonderful weekend.
Best regards,
Daemyn Parx