It’s 2017! Excited about the new year?

Adonis Heights is looking for a better year to come and this year we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We are committed to serve our Secondlife LGBTQ community by offering elevated virtual living lifestyle on the grid. It has been a great 2016 for us and we are positive that it will get even better!

Let’s kick off 2017 with jolly gift to all our current and future residents. *Drum rolls*


Hear ye, hear ye!


Effective Jan 2017, all of our residential units will have extra 100 prims added on top of the current default prims allocations!


That’s not all, the rental price will remain the same so you can continue your patronage with extra prims at no cost!


We have prepared the breakdown below for you reference. 🙂

NOTE: Residents with customized arrangements will enjoy the new prim (whichever greater) and new rental rate (whichever lower).

AH PropertiesDefault Prim Allocation

NEW 2017 Default Prim Allocation 

 Maple Street Bungalow250350
 Maple Street Studio250350
 The Annex Town House250350
 The Frasera Intimate Premium200300
 The Frasera Intimate Penthouse250350
 The Rise Apartment Standard160260
 The Rise Apartment Premium200300
 The Rise Apartment Penthouse250350
 The Dorm50150

Happy New Year 2017 and allow us to continue welcoming you home at Adonis Heights.


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