Dear friends,

Adonis Heights is an adult / matured sim. Hence the community is bounded by Linden Labs (Grid) Terms of Service (ToS) and we seek everyone attention to this as of late we observed the traffic to the sim consist of a mixture of people.

Adonis Heights welcome everyone to visit the sim as we are an open community. We believe our residents and community are able to act accordingly as an adult & matured individuals.

We would like to highlight the matter about child avatars. Adonis Heights welcomes child avatars within the sim with conditions. It is advisable for the individuals to abide with the terms to ensure the comfort of the community and the sim is expected to adhere to the Grid terms and regulations.

Please read the guide below for your kind reference:

Policies towards child avatars are largely focused on the actions of the avatars, not the avatars themselves.

1. Child avatars are allowed within Second Life. A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region (but not participating in adult (in this case, sexual) activities is allowed.

2. A child avatar is allowed do everything any other avatar is, with the following exceptions:

Child avatars participating in any sexual situations are not allowed and abuse report able (AR-able).

3. Public promotion (classified listing, profile, etc.) of sexual situations with child avatars is not allowed and AR-able.

4. Creating areas for the purpose of sexual age-play is not allowed and is AR-able. This includes having items with sexual content (sexual pose balls or equipment) in proximity to items traditionally associated with children (swing sets, etc.)

5. Indicating that the *real age* of a child avatar (as opposed to a stated SL/role playing age) is below main grid age (18 years old) is not allowed and AR-able.

Child avatar nudity has been called into question as well. While no language specific to nudity was included in the initial policies, child avatar nudity of the genital or chest regions, including in otherwise non-sexual situations (skin vendors, for example) can be a violation.

This also applies to parcel descriptions: nudity or “clothing optional” language can not be included in a parcel description on a kid-specific area.

Note that child avatars are allowed on PG, Mature, and even Adult public parcels, provided with the latter that they are adult verified. Note that this does not necessarily apply to private parcels where one has the option to eject or ban as desired.

We seek our community understanding and share this information to our visitors with care. Should you need assistance, please do drop an IM to our officers (Daemyn Parx, Jacenightpaw, OR Devon Barski).

For the actual information of the guide, please refer to the SL site below:

DISCLAIMER: The official Second Life terms & conditions shall prevail in the event of conflict

Thank you.