Dear residents, Adonis Heights sims encountered a glitch on parcel linking due parcel owner issue. We tried to claim the region and restore the ownership, it causes almost 6000 prims to be returned to the respective owners due to auto-return function.

We have submitted a case (ref no. 02292020) and has been immediately reviewed by Linden Labs team. Adonis Heights sim has requested for rollback to the best last position that is as at 4 March 2016, 10:45PM. The process may took up to 72 hours. Within this period, all residents are advised not to rezz any objects to allow Linden Labs to do the necessary investigations.

We will update the status regularly for your reference. Alternatively you may directly get in touch with me through in-world IM message or through our support portal should you require further information.

We apologize for the inconveniences and looking forward to compensate the total no. of hours taken by Linden Labs to resolve the issue to our affected residents.

Committed to serve you better,

Daemyn Parx
Group CEO, Adonis Heights Group