Dear friends,

This coming December mark the 2nd year of Adonis Heights journey in Secondlife. Throughout the years we have explore and learn many things that has made us strong and matured enough to consistently develop the desire to inspire the community and make you as our center of aspiration.

We admire your trust, support and enthusiasm to keep us going despite the challenges we face and to keep holding firm on our objective and vision.

The launch of Adonis Heights new website is another achievement in our pipeline for a long term project in Secondlife. The idea in every move we make is to build a value added initiatives that will touch our LGBT community heart and make them feel how important they are to the community as a whole. Adonis Heights & our brother, Rockridge Heights has been working hand in hand to build a strong platform for us to stand firm in the arena, looking from every aspect of people not from the perspective of the group. Still strongly believe in our tagline “We SEE Potential”, we always wanted to be able to make you as our aspiration and to inspire others.

Some may have known that we are currently facing financial difficulties to sustain our virtual presence in Secondlife. Verbal communications has been initiated between the sim management and our valued residents who are our important shareholders. We are touched by their level of trust and wish that we will not take any drastic measure to wound up the sim that may severely impact the community in-world. We value your views and feedback. After further consideration, we are pleased to announce that Adonis Heights sim will remain open.

We welcome on any suggestion, aid or potential collaboration with any interested parties to help us to work on a clear roadmap to build a value added LGBT community enclave that will contribute to the positive development of the LGBT scene in Secondlife.

I personally welcome your views and opinions. Let’s have a chat. 

Yours sincerely,

Daemyn Parx