If you’ve always dreamt of living a life that is harmony with the surrounding in the evolution of eco-moden accommodation, The Frasera Intimate Apartment might very well be your personal haven. The balanced eco-modern architecture in the SL tallest and functional state of the art residential tower has been designed to stand in perfect 50:50 equilibrium.

Welcome to the intimate, 8 storey-neighborhood with an option to have a sunrise or a sunset view at your footstep. The design of the residences has been crafted to create a comfortable nest with contemporary, unfussy lines the order of the day. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows brings in the breath-taking equatorial view even as the sun-dappled patterns waltz over the high definition wooden flooring or reflection on your very own infinity pool that could be one of your ffavoritespots for some well-deserved relaxation.

Best of all is the exclusive penthouse with additional flexible patio is for you to do as you wish, from a private gathering to a yoga haven.

Its a haven from the outside world, but not isolated from it. Located within the promising fast growing Secondlife LGBT sanctuary, the Frasera Intimate Residential Tower become the new landmark overseeing the Adonis Heights and Rockridge Heights.

Allow us to Welcome you Home.

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Check out some of the interior design ideas contributed by our resident, Dami Stone.

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