Have you hidden behind the boundaries of a single music genre all your life? Is your MP3 / CD collection boring & scarce? Have you started to notice that all the music that commercially successful seems like variations on a single theme that you are getting tired of?

Well here’s how to offer your ears a new and ever-changing menu of music.

1.   Listen to Internet / Online Music Station e.g: Adonis Heights Radio. Browse all kind of stations (International, rap, hip-hop, electronica, alternative, blues, soundtracks, jazz, and so on. Let them play in the background while you browse the web, answer emails etc. 
2.   Never too shy to ask interesting people what they listened to. They will be delighted to share their musical taste with you, if you are actually curious. Add a twist to your questions like:
·        If you had to choose one song to summarize your life, what would it be?
·        Has a song made you cry?
·        If you were to make a soundtrack to your life, what would it be on it?
3.   Take time to listen to whole album. Often an artist or group puts out one or two singles that engage popular appeal but are uncharacteristic of their work. And quite commonly the jewels of music are buried in albums far away from radio play. So if a catchy singles draws you in, don’t be surprised if the rest of the album aren’t just like it.
4.   Try to listen to an album / streaming radio more than once. Well some says it’s best to listen to at least three times before you throw it to the shelf; especially the genre you don’t normally listened to. Trust me, by the third time around, you could very well be singing along and listening carefully to the lyrics, well not necessarily need to go up to three times in a row – just make sure you have given it the full benefit of the doubt before you toss it.
5.   Let’s go underground! Find out who is the DJ around, and where they spin. Visit venues that features these DJs i.e. Unity, Adonis Heights, T.R.A.C.S etc where you can listen to great music. Even the DJ or genre you have never heard of, listening and joining the gig with friends can make a believer out of you, and change your listening perspective!
Taking music to a greater heights, Listen to Adonis Heights Radio!
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