I have been approached by several parties in-world to share my views on the current US President, Donald Trump executive order that is related to immigration restrictions especially from the seven countries that are predominately Muslim. I have listened to a few of our friends who are currently residing in the US, expressing their concerns and saddened by the situation. We at Adonis Heights share your concerns, and we do not support this policy in many ways. We are extremely glad that Linden Labs took the same stand among others techie giants such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Diversity is part of our central belief that became our foundation during the establishment of Adonis Heights back in 2013; ” Appreciating and embracing the diversity of our Second Life community; we draw on our knowledge, and insights to serve and connect with one another”. We believe through diversity, respecting one another and act through fairness by placing the right action at the right place are vital to maturely resolve any conflict. We are proud to welcome and open wide our arm to include immigrants among our leadership, members, residents and friends regardless of the differences in looks, religions, beliefs, orientation and views through compassion and respect.

Rest assured that we do not tolerate imposing barriers that will stop us from being humane. We should focus on the people who actually proven to pose a threat, not creating labels that will impose fear, phobia and hatred for generations to come.

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