Adonis Heights Radio, a premiere-quality dance radio station hosted by grid-famous DJ Rocky, is looking for on-air vocal talent!

We’re looking for station ID talent to provide voice over and promotional spot voice talent. You’ve heard it before on your favorite top-quality radio stations: A sexy voice, a funny phrase… you name it, we’re open to any possibility, but we want something uniquely Adonis Heights!

So how do you get involved? Send us your spot!

We’re looking for five to seven second recordings that identify the radio station as “Adonis Boys Radio.” To submit your talent, please use your best quality microphone and a silent room, and record your file as an MP3.

If you’re into tech, we’d appreciate a 44.1 MHz sample rate @ 128 kpbs stereo MP3 file with a constant bit rate… but we’re not terribly picky so long as we can open the thing!

If you need recording software, consider Audacity, a freely-downloadable platform for both PC and Mac.

Hope to hear from you soon!