Adonis Heights is far beyond just a place to rent. Second Life property developers today cannot ignore the need to build sustainable homes or building for the virtual community and it is good to know that more and more developers or sim owners in the grid are beginning to see a well designed and close to realistic sim development as the way forward. [email protected] always hunger for continuous improvements and innovation as one major drivers to nurture a positive and sustainable community. 
Sophisticated and exclusive apartment design, affordable and eco-driven concept is one of Adonis Heights distinctive qualities. The idea is to build a positive, humane-driven environment as a sanctuary for LGBT community to gather and seek for a comfortable enclave to live in. Every L$ spent on the residential unit means a contribution towards sustaining a space for the community to live and socialize in a well defined sim for years to come.
Adonis Heights has a growing international community from around the world that will continue to make us as a preferred venue to call home, a place to comfortably shop or a place to relax and hangout. 
Your friends at Adonis is always ready to welcome you home and get in touch with you, responding to your queries by any possible channel available. It is our commitment, to consistently get in touch with you to serve you better.

Allow us to welcome you home.