Adonis Heights has gone through many stages of ups and downs since its establishment in late 2012. To date, Adonis Heights continue to strengthen its presence in Secondlife as one of the most beautifully designed sim, made exclusively for LGBT community and open to be enjoyed by others. We continue to observe, learn and evolved to curate the elevated lifestyle of LGBT community and seek others to understand us through respect and love.

Our journey began with the toughest decision; separation of 2 different group of people due to differences in ideals and visions. The founders of Adonis Heights agreed that separation is inevitable in order to pursue the organizations dream, to build a sustainable and respected LGBT community through seamless and elevated experience, positive and refined environment; to be different from the rest, execute the blue ocean strategy, embrace the differences and explore the uncharted world, making competition irrelevant.

At last, we took a different path, into the unknown future, starting with the relocation of the region in Nov 2012. For the first time the region being surrounded with water, used to be linked to several other regions and among popular spot for gay community, suddenly transformed into a standalone private island within a day. We mourn the losses, but yet it does not hinder us to stay focus on our objective.

The Journey of the Thousand Miles Begins.

Our work began by liberalizing the constant griefing activities which had impaired the region’s performance and peacefulness. In our opinion, the aggressive approach taken by the previous leadership through constant banning and the regional lock-down has widen the gap and divided the gay community into several factions, to the extend innocent person being banned from entering the region just because he is the members of the other faction or their friends. The situation worsen to the extend some people created multiple alts just to be able to attack the region on almost daily basis. Adonis Heights took a totally different approach from a different perspective. We took the first step to clear all the names in our region banned list and took down the security lock-down. We open up the region to all and we took our time to build the bridges with the people, understanding them and seek mutual peace, through sincere friendship and recognizing them as people regardless from whichever group they are from. To us, they are our guests.

After 2 months of planning and sewing the open wound in the community, we decided that Adonis Heights needs a place for the community to call home. We  have appointed our creative friend who owns Dynamic Evolution to build our first apartment, today known as the Rise Apartment. The construction started on 26 Jan 2013 and completed on 5 Feb 2013.

2 March 2013, Adonis Heights officially launched its new logo as part of the branding initiative to Adonis Heights aspiration through professionalism, courage, confidence, warmth and progressive. On this date as well Adonis Heights launched Adonis Heights Radio and appointed Rockridge Constantine (DJ Rocky) as the CEO of this home group Secondlife virtual radio station.

Our tireless effort and wish to give the best to LGBT community has been noticed by several Secondlife media. This includes the renowned writer Merrick Genesis and photographer, Enzo Champagne has featured Adonis Heights in The Best of SL (April 2013 edition, page 138), followed by an article “Reaching New Heights” by Blithe Magazine in the same month. We also has been mentioned and hosted a venue for The Carter & Dar Show, Season 1, Episode 13.

July was an exciting month for us as Adonis Heights Radio made its way to be listed in one of the most popular online radio listing, TuneIn

In August, Adonis Heights has submitted and accepted to be the official member of the largest international multi-diverse sim LGBT organization on Secondlife, the Gay-Archipelago (“GA”). GA is the LGBT Community in Secondlife that unites multiple groups and sims, building a vast network and creates amazing opportunity for LGBT groups alike in Second Life to form a well diverse community with aspiration to be the first stop for LGBT individuals entering Second Life – a place of welcome, orientation, community and help.

In December, Adonis Heights has been invited as special guests for GA Winter Dreams, the annual winter festival by Gay Archipelago. This has introduced Adonis Heights to the rest of the gay community and strengthen further our presence.

2014, Adonis Heights Going Places.

We had a great start in 2014. We have been featured as educational sim in the WBHF Cultural Hub in February and we have been visited by a renowned gay Secondlife destination blogger, Eddi Haskel, and being featured in his write-up, “Adonis Heights, A Strikingly Modern and Well Designed City With A Great Transit System”  as an acknowledgement of our initiative to enhance the community experience through seamless and functional design in March.

As the population continue to grow in Adonis Heights, the need to expand the land becomes a necessity. However, Adonis Heights still struggling to sustain its financial standing, the idea to acquire new land still far reached. However, due to a strong friendship and trust, St Niguel Island, owned by Rockridge Constantine has been moved and relocated, adjacent to Adonis Heights and renamed as Rockridge Heights as part of the “Green House Agreement” made in April. Rockridge Heights will offer a whole new residential experience to accommodate the future growing population, who seeks a lay back and lake view homes in Secondlife. On the same month, we have launched our new website built by DV Studio.

1 year anniversary as official member of GA, Adonis Heights received an award as The Best ‘Residential’ Setting SimDesign, during the Vistas & Blossoms 2014 Award Gala. This one-of-a-kind event is meant to feature GA members properties of varying landscapes, garden spots and unique destinations. This will allow the public to vote and judges to evaluate participating sims / groups with the aim to introduce the participating members to the grid.

The creativity and our passion to offer the best residential experience in Secondlife, Adonis Heights had introduced several eco-modern city properties for the community. They are The Maple Bungalows, The Heights Residence and new apartment tower, The Frasera Intimate.

2015 – The Shining Star.

This year, Adonis Heights continue to pave its way creating a new path for LGBT community to embrace. We work hard to cultivate positive environment and neutral entity to provide unbiased opinion and value added ideas to the community. This year Adonis Heights will be focusing more on people. We continue to study and understand the community through their concerns, ideas and feedback for us to improve further and open up our arms to aid our brothers and sisters in our own way. With our homegrown brands; DYNASTY (by Jin) and SOURCES (by Vincent), we seek other potential individuals who wish to grow with us and give back to the community.

To date, we have launched new properties for the community to choose from, The Aspen Villa & The Annex Town House. The Pier and The Lighthouse are the two new landmarks not to be missed, carries its own story and significance to the Adonis Heights development. Today, Adonis Heights have improved the cosmetic looks on the region through the building of Friendship Bridge and the statue of The Two Lords. Want to know more about this new landmarks? We will share with you the story in the next article.

Thank you for your continuous support, and thank you for allowing us to Welcome You Home.