The fight for equal rights for the GLBT community has been a long struggle though each progress made has been a victory. Recently, Gays and Lesbians are NOW able to serve in the United States Armed Forces without being harassed or expelled as they had been for years.  Can you even believe it that a United States President Obama supports Marriage Equality for everyone at the risk of losing his Presidential Re-election? I believe times are changing for the better and everyone is starting to realize that people should be granted basic human civil rights that most people just take for granted. The right to love and marry should be available to any adult couples in a loving relationship who just wants to build a life together. Why is this too much to ask?
There are still gay confused kids committing suicides all over the world because they are being harassed and bullied. Gay people are still being unfairly discriminated at their jobs and communities. They are being attacked and killed on the streets for being who they are. Some parts of the world, they are being jailed and persecuted by the government. WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING IN THE WORLD TODAY???
STAND4LOVE strongly supports Marriage Equality for everyone because people need to see that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people are human beings too, who are capable to love and be in committed long term loving healthy relationships. I just think we all are human beings with the same heart wanting to love and be loved in return.
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As part of Adonis Heights effort and inline with our objective to provide a safe and comfortable social engagement space in Secondlife for GLBT community, join our event below:


DJ Rocky @ Adonis (STAND4LOVE Edition)
Time : 6 PM SLT / PDT
Theme : TBA
AdonisBoys Photoshoot 
(Special Photo shoot session for STAND4LOVE photo)
Time :

  • Session 1 : 11 AM SLT / PDT
  • Session 2 :   8 PM SLT / PDT
Attire : Red Top