4 Years of success, magnificent friends, residents and community, joined together towards creating a premier inclusive LGBT township in Secondlife.

Anniversaries are wonderful, magical and opportunities for recollections of the year gone by and positive reflections for the year ahead. We started our journey in December 2011 of which the idea to rejuvenate the sim come into the picture to start anew. March 2012 is official launch for Adonis Heights and it was a painful birth! Yet we continue to embrace our potential and emerged as a young entity to drive the LGBT community differently, a new ideology, a change in perspective and even then it was seen as an experiment.

This past year has been a calm and progressive year in many ways. It has been a year on redefining customer experience, innovative solutions, supportive friendship and enduring relationship. Of course there have been some paths that may have seen slightly more difficult to travel together. Yet we are here continue to overcome the odd stumbling blocks along the way and the key for our success has always been through the support, courage and the spirit of togetherness by our friends and of course our valued residents and patron of Adonis Heights whom contributed 60% of the sim income to ensure Adonis Heights continue to sustain it self and remain relevant in the grid.

We look forward to another wonderful year, a time to rebuild, redefine, rejuvenates and restrengthen forged relationship even further; and achieved our vision and live through our principles.

It doesn’t matter where you go in life or what you achieve, or what you do – what matters most is who you have beside you along the way and build the path together.

Join DJ Adz live from UK and DJ Kimly live from Netherlands on 18 March 2016 back to back from 2PM – 6PM SLT with your host Ryan at Adonis Heights Friendship Bridge in-world.

We are proud to have our Adonis Heights Network partner; Big Momma’s Lounge; whom generous enough to co-organize the event this year.

See you there!

On behalf of Adonis Heights team & dedicated to serve you even better,
Daemyn Parx
Founder & Group CEO, Adonis Heights.