Rental Kickoff!-01

Today, everyone stepped into 2015. We are excited to venture forward and ready to set sail into this new year. To kick-off this new year, all our active and current residents at Adonis Heights have been given a 1 week extra bonus in their respective rental units, complimentary from the group as a token of appreciation for being with us.

What’s new or coming to Adonis Heights? While everyone is busy partying to celebrate the new year, our elves are busy building the new attraction on sim: The fresh and new gymnasium for the students, residents and guests. We are proud to introduce to you our latest attraction, the GYMBOYZ. A full fledged fitness facility in Secondlife for your roleplay experience. Not only that, the GYMBOYZ will be our new communication brand to share and talk about gay health and fitness topics for your reference. Sounds interesting? Share with us what you wish to know in the comments below.

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Meanwhile, enjoy some photos taken from our new gym.

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