2015 has been a challenging year to many in 1st Life (yeah your real life). The economy volatility, political uncertainty, global oil prices still looking for a bottom, agression all around the world and many more that may to the extend stretched our emotions to the edge. Even though Adonis Heights residing in a virtual world, we cannot run away from being affected by the global affair. However we are blessed with supportive residents, strong bond of friendship, we are here to stay, continue to serve the community as your preferred LGBTQ Lifestyle Township in Secondlife.

Let’s take off our coats and escape to our first rejuvenating luxury spa that will calm your soul with detailed and soothing environment contributed by a well-known luxurious artisan creator.
Celebrate your long awaited peace and relaxing moments here underneath at sea level of our signature Frasera Intimate.

Adonis Heights always looking forward to continue improvising its sim to ensure our residents gets the best out of their virtual experience.

Be amazed and allow us to welcome you home.